Shawn Johnston (he, him, his), Principal and Lead Strategist, Forge and Smith

A 22-year survivor of the design industry, Shawn is the Founder and Principal of two innovative web design companies: Forge and Smith, and Anvil. His motto is ‘Fixing the Internet, one website at a time’, and Shawn plays a variety of daily roles to make it happen: from client rep and salesperson to UX designer, project manager, and he-who-orders-supplies. Shawn was raised on the values of traditional craftspeople: quality and trust. A job is only worth doing if you’re going to do it right. That philosophy guides every web design and digital strategy decision at his companies.



Websites, Think Again

In this session hear from industry experts on the trends and tools for effective websites. What are the foundational elements of a great website? What are the new trends for content and add-ons? What are users loving and hating? Walk away with ideas on how to improve your site and the user experience.