Vinod Varma, Co-Founder and CEO of Creator

Vinod was responsible for launching products for FitBit, Apple, Samsung, Sony, Best Buy, and more. He helped grow the wearable tech space to over $180 million in Canada before leaving to pursue his own venture, ShopandShout – now called Creator. Creator was built to satisfy a need Vinod witnessed in his previous role. A need to democratize the creator economy, making social media collaborations accessible for all brands and creators, big or small.



Grow Your Organic Social Media

We all know social media is where it’s at. We have our accounts, our strategies and our content calendars. We can create and we can pay for social media but how do you take it to the next level? How do you inspire organic posts? Hear from companies that have learned how to use the top platforms to drives organic social content that lead to successful business results.